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I have been trading many years and this type of strategy is all new but obviously very powerful... I'am impressed!  


I highly recommend zunaa trading manuals/strategies...

A.R.  NJ

I thought I knew something about trading.  I knew nothing until Apex/ApexQ.


Your strategies & indicators are fantastic!!! 

D.L. Las Vegas


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Day Trading -Swing Trading


For many trading as a career seems elusive.Trading on its own is not very difficult. Trading as a job is similar to other professions in many ways. All professionals have spent hours learning their craft. The same is required with trading.

The divergence between Trading and other professions is the availability of proper institutions that can train and teach inspiring traders. The result is a gap that leaves trading only attainable by a select few. Just about every profitable trader that trades for a living that we know of, was trained and guided by a established professional trader- This training is invaluable as is in all professions.   

Imagine a person who's medical experience is the sum of reading one or two books on general medical procedures - would you feel confident in allowing this person to be your physician?  

The majority of new traders begin trading after reading a few books--no wonder they fall short of achieving their trading goals. We believe that it is no more difficult to be a successful trader as is being successful in any other career -- provided one has the proper training and resources. So our advice... if you really want to be a trader, you will need to be prepared to go through a lengthy period of learning and effort. Shortening the learning curve would require professional intervention. The Trading Strategies or Reports we offer are designed to do just that, shorten the learning curve dramatically... intended for individuals that have a strong desire for trading - Individuals willing to study and apply the material included in our trading strategies and reports.   

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Tradestation Indicators

Technical Indicators for Tradestation® Trading Platform - We use Tradestation due to its extensive programmability as our primary trading platform. Allowing traders the ability to create proprietary Trading Indicators, back testing, and data mining. Browse our technical tradestation indicators to find indicators that compliment your current day trading or swing trading strategy / setups or use one our day trading indicator packages.

Day Trading Indicators - Day Trading Tradestation Indicators Starter Package, technical indicators package designed to provide consistent day trading results. A set of Tradestation day trading indicators designed for TS trading platform. A good understanding of indicators one chooses is very important - Instructional video's discuss how to use the indicators.  

Day Trading Strategies

Day Trading Strategy more info

Apex - Day Trading Apex Strategies, Learn our proprietary powerful trading methodology and day trading strategies trading method. And the Advanced Zenith Evolution which includes additional Advanced trading strategies & Advanced trading methods. A comprehensive trading method and strategies for serious active traders.

ApexQ - Our most advanced Day Trading Strategies enhancing Apex material and includes our EOD(end of day) techniques. Learn our proprietary very high probability Reversal strategies with predetermined magnitude (profit) potential).

Bollinger Bands Day Trading Strategies - trend trading strategies for day trading & swing trading futures, Emini stock index futures, stocks and forex markets.. Tradestation Indicators zunaa Bollinger Bands indicator is included.

Keltner Channel Day Trading Strategies - trend trading strategies for day trading & swing trading futures, Emini stock index futures, stocks and forex markets.. Tradestation Indicators zunaa Keltner Channel is included.


Swing Trading Strategies

Swing Trading Strategy more info

Alpha - Alpha Swing Trading Strategies for traders who are primarily Swing Traders and day trade as well - Alpha is an excellent Swing Trading Strategy... suitable for short term, medium term, and long term swing traders active in futures, Emini stock index futures, stocks and forex markets.. An all around excellent strategies for swing traders. 

Swing Trade Alert

Swing Trade Alerts - is a service where we send you nightly Alerts with specific entry price, Profit Target price, and Protective Stop Loss price as Swing Trades develop. We are very aggressive swing traders while at the same time maintaining a healthy win rate & RR. You are probably thinking this sounds to good to be true. This service currently is closed.     

Learn to Trade Programs  

Learn To Trade Programs - there is value in having proper guidance to orient the trader to what is required in achieving success. The goal of this program is to provide the trader with the needed Strategies, understanding, and tools so they can trade with an edge. We only accept a few clients each month.  

Tradestation Add on Analysis Technique / Indicators, Trading Strategies, and Instructional Trading Reports

Presenting Tradestation ® add on tools professionally designed for use with Tradestation trading platform. Indicators, showme, paintbar, written for Tradestation 8.x & 9.x Platform. All Tradestation Add on are delivered in ELD ( EasyLanguage ) format - which can be downloaded directly into tradestation platform. Additionally to educate the trader with effective professional trading techniques we provide Day trade strategies, Swing trade strategies, and Trading Reports which are presented in text/video format in conjunction with various custom technical indicators merged with our trading methods, and strategies.


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